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This weeks featured seller.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


This Weeks Featured Seller is LOVELAMBIE. LoveLambie is based in Dublin, Ireland and make a whole range of adorable knitware, cakes and silver items. This is Lovelambie ( A.K.A Lynsey ) has to say about her shop.
"LoveLambie are motivated by our own twist on funky designs woven from soulful, local materials. In our studio in dublins oldest historic quarter, we make clothing, accessories, trinkets and all manner of tasty edibles. Our heritage and Irishness is expressed through our items, but, i would hope, not in a tacky or artificial way. These items are made with love and care, by people living and loving in modern day Ireland. We would like to share it with you through our items."

Lovelambie range is very unique.. the animal based items are soooo cute. Lambs and rabbits are always adorable.

Watch your cheese! Priscilla is about :) An irish set of mice with big ideas.Check out these adorable Priscilla Mouse Mittens - cheeky, stylish and tres chic. These are woven from irish aran cream wool, with dinky pink mohair ears and finished off with reclaimed black and pink buttons for features.

A pair of gorgeous plush lambie mittens, made from Irish Aran wool. These are unisex and as a general rule one size fits all (should fit all but the very smallest of mitts). Even in the heart of winter you can have spring at your finger tips!
These measure 9" in length and 4" across the knuckles.
They are finished off with an aran style button at the wrist, which links the 2 mittens with a length of ribbon - perfect for linking inside the arms of your coat and keeping the lambies under wraps :)
These would make fantastic gifts for Christmas or a birthday, or even a treat for you. You would be "baaah-my" not to pick up a pair! This would make a perfect gift for that someone you love this Valentines day :)
Visit Lovelambie at Etsy.com today.