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Etsy.. whats on?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Etsy is lots of things to lots of people.. Some use it to sell, some to get supplies.. some to get that unique one off gift.

But whats on ETSY? Well, nearly every type of craft going. If you want a snap shot of whats happening right now simply click HERE are you'll jump straight to the ETSY front page and see what people are selling right now. Here are a few examples of items and sellers that stand out to me.. also have a look at the Featured sellers area HERE.

Blackeyedsuzie A touch of whimsy and more than a little gothic charm mixed with tim burton and dolls. This etsy owner makes totally enchanting busts in a very unique style.

Everything on these is hand made from the closes to the eyes.. wonderful.


Let LuckyD take you to 'The Feltiverse!' There are lots of great 'felters' on ETSY, but this one of the best. This shop offers a whole host of highly imagined and wonderfully crafted animals in felt. Each with its own story, these characters will open your heart.

Please take some time to look at these stores.. even send them a message and let them know you love their work. Be sure to taken a random stroll through ETSY as well. Who knows what you will find :)