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This weeks featured seller.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


This Weeks Featured Seller is LOVELAMBIE. LoveLambie is based in Dublin, Ireland and make a whole range of adorable knitware, cakes and silver items. This is Lovelambie ( A.K.A Lynsey ) has to say about her shop.
"LoveLambie are motivated by our own twist on funky designs woven from soulful, local materials. In our studio in dublins oldest historic quarter, we make clothing, accessories, trinkets and all manner of tasty edibles. Our heritage and Irishness is expressed through our items, but, i would hope, not in a tacky or artificial way. These items are made with love and care, by people living and loving in modern day Ireland. We would like to share it with you through our items."

Lovelambie range is very unique.. the animal based items are soooo cute. Lambs and rabbits are always adorable.

Watch your cheese! Priscilla is about :) An irish set of mice with big ideas.Check out these adorable Priscilla Mouse Mittens - cheeky, stylish and tres chic. These are woven from irish aran cream wool, with dinky pink mohair ears and finished off with reclaimed black and pink buttons for features.

A pair of gorgeous plush lambie mittens, made from Irish Aran wool. These are unisex and as a general rule one size fits all (should fit all but the very smallest of mitts). Even in the heart of winter you can have spring at your finger tips!
These measure 9" in length and 4" across the knuckles.
They are finished off with an aran style button at the wrist, which links the 2 mittens with a length of ribbon - perfect for linking inside the arms of your coat and keeping the lambies under wraps :)
These would make fantastic gifts for Christmas or a birthday, or even a treat for you. You would be "baaah-my" not to pick up a pair! This would make a perfect gift for that someone you love this Valentines day :)
Visit Lovelambie at Etsy.com today.

What happens after you buy?

Friday, February 13, 2009

I see my handmade buttons go into the mail and after that? Who knows.. well one fellow Etsy member Pioneersis purchased my PacMan buttons and made this incredible bag. Pioneersis has lots of wonderful craftwear.. go check it out.

This Weeks Featured Seller

This weeks featured Seller is mbell34.

Meet MBell34, jewellery maker and soap crafter. With Michelle's products you will find affordable, handmade beaded jewelry. All of her items are one of a kind ( OOAK TAG ) and are handcrafted. She has recently moved into making wonderful scented and unscented soaps with natural bases and ZERO sulfates.

This is what Michelle has to say about ETSY.

"I am 38 years old and have been married 19 years and I have three children ages 17, 16 and 14. I taught myself how to make jewelry over 2 years ago and have been hooked ever since. I find it very therapeutic to just sit there and create something beautiful for somebody else to enjoy. Hours just go by so fast! I love when I wear the jewelry I make and someone will buy it right off me! I love this site and to browse around to see what everyone else makes. There are very talented people out there!"


This bracelet is made with fire polished pink glass beads, green round glass beads and antique silver plated spacer beads finished with a antique silver plated toggle clasp. This bracelet measures 6 inches long.

A personal fav of mine.. ( TinyArk ) This soap smells just like the ocean water! Feels like you are at the beach. I made it blue just like ocean water. This listing is for one soap and it weighs a little over three ounces, made of all natural glycerin soap with some added vitamin E oil. Your body will love to bathe with this delightful smelling soap. Give it a try!

Soap Characteristics:

-100% Pure Soap
-Finest Natural Vegetable Oil based – No animals tested or animal products used (unless purchasing goat’s milk soap)
·Hypo – Allergenic
·Non Comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
·Excellent lather!
·High glycerin content (attracts moisture to the skin)
·Gentle on sensitive skin
·No Detergents
·No Sulfates
·No Alcohol
·No Sugar Solutions

Visit Mbell34 today. You will find the perfect gift for a loved one or treat for yourself.

New buttons... Meow!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Here are today's new buttons. A set of three cats. A ginger, brown and black tabby cats. 4 'Strawberrys swirls' and a feature button, 'Big Bird'.

Visit these buttons and more at my Etsy Store

Fishy Fish...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Having been asked to make some Tropical fish as a custom order i set to work.. here they are. When the buyer has the final piece made ill post it and show you another way you can use my supplies.

Custom, Custom, Custom...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Its nice to stretch the brain a little and so custom orders are ALWAYS welcome. Currently working on something just a little different to my normal goodies.. another FAB etsy person has asked for a some supplies of a 'fishy' nature. When they are done i'll post them and later show your what she has planned for them! :)

Pink Panther Buttons...

Thanks to Pendie ( A.K.A Janet ) for this custom order. I love customs, I'll try anything and i won't post unless i am happy with the finished article. Here they are.. my new Pink Panther Buttons...